Posted by: standing_baba | December 9, 2012

My New Blog: Six Weeks to Sunrise

Hey Everyone,

Since my South America bicycle tour ended in 2011 I’ve wanted to begin a new project…so I started another travel blog. With a twist. Here’s a snippet from its About page.

What is this blog about?

1) My transition from employee to entrepreneur—
and complete transparency about how you can do the same.

2) My travels to new countries every six weeks—
with tips and tricks about how you can travel the world too.

Half travelogue, half business blog, this site is a resource for anyone who wants to build a business that serves their ideal lifestyle.

Every Thursday I publish a new article, with an emphasis on solutions to travel- and business-related problems I’m having now or have had in the past.

If this sounds of interest, I invite you to follow along at


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