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  1. Hello,

    I write this email for the owner of the casa de ciclista in Ambato (Ecuador)

    He would like to have his casa de ciclistas on this site too.

    Hereby his adress etc.

    Leonardo Morejon
    Avenida Rodrigo Pachano (besides the fabric of fideo: Catedral, on the north side of this street)
    cel: 0996377702

    Extra information:
    There is a bikeshop and a repairshop at this CdC

  2. What were you consequences of overstaying Brazil 237 days?

    • Hopefully you can help me. I have been in Brasil for over two years, my visa expired long ago. I would like to visit my family in the US next year and fly back directly into Brasil without any problems. I have been told I can get an exit stamp at the Paraguayan border, pay the fine, get an entry stamp in Paraguay, and sneak back into Brasil. Then I could simply wait for my visa to renew (?) and go back to Paraguay, get an exit stamp for Paraguay and an entry stamp in Brasil. I would then be legal again and able to fly in and out of Brasil hassle-free. Is this the case? I am sure I would need a Paraguayan visa, also, right? Is that easy to obtain? I hope I am explaining myself well. How long would I need to wait for my visa to renew? Thank you

  3. Hi

    I write you from Lucho;house.
    The telephone number is 294191.
    Thanks to change it

    Jean-Baptiste (compadre de Lucho, padrino de Lance)

    • Jean-Baptiste, I changed the number. Thanks for the update!

  4. Follow yTrevor,

    I am so excited for you! Just reading you blog today gave me great joy with a smile. Thank you for being part of my path. Peace

    our Bliss

  5. Have you looked at your blog on an iPad? It looks very very cool! I really like keeping up with you on the iPad over on my computer.

    I just had to share this with you and everyone else.

    I recommend you create a button or invite people to take a look at your blog through the eyes of the iPad device.

    • I haven’t even seen an iPad yet…technology is a bit behind here in South America. They’re available but almost twice as expensive due to import taxes. Thanks for the tip (and encouragement).

  6. Hey!!
    today my english teacher, Mônica (from Belo Horizonte) told us about you and i came here to see your blog
    i really really liked!! congratulations for your courage!!
    you inspired me and now i have one more plan to my life!!
    if you come back to BH i would be happy to know you!
    Sofia Bartolomeo

    • Hey Sofia,

      Monica is great. I’m glad she’s saying only good things about me. I appreciate your words and am happy you enjoy my blog. It’s been a side project lately as I’m now living in Floripa, not biking. However, in a few months when I pedal to Argentina this blog will be filled again with travel adventures. In the meantime, I’m trying to write about Brazilian life, foreign perspectives on your country you may find interesting.

      If you’re serious about doing a bike trip one day, please stay in touch. I’d be happy to help you with tips or any other advice I can offer. It’s a decision that will quite literally change your life and how to perceive the world. Personally, I have no regrets.

      Write anytime, take care, and thanks for reading Sofia.


  7. Hey Trevor, we met on Saturday (I think – the days are all blurring into one!) *Very* impressed with the website – really putting mine to shame. The idea of counting how much money I spend every day frankly terrifies me into even greater depths of laziness… My tragically out-of-date website is but I’ve written some more posts and just need to upload them. Anyway, please send me emails/blogs of other people heading north. Thanks! I’m on 74456092 if you fancy a drink in Cocha…

    Cheers, Nick

    • E-mails and blogs of north-traveling cyclists sent. Too bad we couldn’t meet up in Cochabamba. All the best mate, cheers.

  8. I ordered you some contact cards to hand out on your ride. I will keep a bunch and spread your story.

    • You’re the best. Thanks bro!

  9. Hi Trevor!! Shane told me about your adventure!! I have been reading all about your journey and looking at your pictures-it looks like it has been a really great experience so far!! Best of luck!! I will read regularly as I am curious to see how the rest of the trip goes!!! Tara

    • Hey Tara, I’m in Buenos Aires now. This trip (not all trips) is coming to an end. You’ll be able to read some closing comments soon, though I plan to continue adding to this site well into the future. There are lots of stories, just not always lots of time. Hope you’re doing well.

  10. keep those legs pumping & may all those couches be comfy! Good luck, have fun, drink and eat lots!

    • The couches have been deep and comfy, the food not always delicious but always plentiful, and the drinks exaggerated in both size and quantity! (I feel like a pirate making a toast). In short, beautiful. See you around Matt.

  11. Good luck, hope all goes well.

    • Thanks Charles. I’ll drop by to say hello and tell some stories next time I’m in Wayne. Take care.

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