Children in Boat, Araya, Venezuela

Children in Boat, Araya, Venezuela

Your support is greatly appreciated, no matter how seemingly small. As I discussed briefly in the F.A.Q. section, this trip was and is entirely self-funded. It took several years of financial sacrifice and dedication to make this journey a reality. Every dollar makes a difference.

I accept two types of donations which are explained in greater detail below:


PERSONAL DONATIONS will go directly to my travel fund, assisting with food and accommodation. If you’re considering a personal donation I must be honest: my mission is not to save the world through bike travel. In fact, my mission is chaotic on even the best of days. In a way, this trip is simply the culmination of my selfish desire to live like the so many adventurers I’ve read about, an extreme attempt to see what the less conventional side of life has to offer. If you too are an adventurer at heart but find yourself unable to travel, please consider a donation to help keep me on the road—I’ll do my best to bring South America to you via this site.

CHARITABLE DONATIONS will be given in their entirety to the organization or individual of your choice. They will not be used in any way to fund my travels.

Family with whom I stayed in Puente Canoa, Colombia

Family with whom I stayed in Puente Canoa

If you want to help eliminate hunger, why not give directly to the mother in the street who begs in order to feed her children? If you want to provide supplies to an underprivileged school, donate—I will contact the appropriate school to make arrangements. By bypassing non-profits’ and charties’ inherent bureaucracies, 100% of your money will go to those who need it most. I will personally hand it to them with a smile.

Photo documentation and a detailed blog post will accompany donations of US $50 or more. You simply donate, with a note explaining to whom you’d like me to personally deliver the money, and I’ll do the rest. A street child’s mother, a disabled beggar, the non-drug using homeless are all examples of people I come across each and every day that could benefit from even the smallest donation.

Without a doubt, I find myself in a privileged situation compared to the bare-foot street children who are so fascinated by Bob and Surly. My gear alone is worth more than many working families’ annual income. Since it’s impossible for me to travel and help others financially, these CHARITABLE DONATIONS—your charitable donations—are my attempt to help the people of South America who have given me so much thus far.

You can donate using the secure Paypal site below. Simply click on the icon. Again, thank you sincerely for your support.

Click to Donate to Me, Bob & Surly


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