Camp Gear



North Face Cat’s Meow 20+ Sleeping Bag 2007


Sea To Summit Reactor Thermolite Mummy Bag Liner

DownMat 7 Pump Sleeping Pad by Exped


MEI Voyageur Bag


Big Agnes SL1 Tent with footprint


Gerber Paraframe Knife


Nalgene Bottle (2)


Steripen Adventurer Water Purifier


Potable Aqua Iodine Tablets (5o tablets)


MSR PackTowl Personal Towel (X-Large)

WhisperLite Internationale Stove

MSR kit

MSR Annual Stove Maintenance Kit

MSR Cookset

MSR Blacklite Classic Cookset
(Travel with small pot and lid only)

folding bowl

Fozzils Bowlz

MSR Alpine Folding Spatula



  1. […] msr alpine spatula […]

  2. would you have been able to fit an extra sleeping bag and sleeping pad in? Did you cooking gear also fit in the mei voyageur?

    • Chris,

      I’m not sure if you’re talking about inside the MEI Voyegeur backpack or inside the B.O.B. trailer bag, so I’ve outlined a few scenerios below….

      Inside my Voyegeur (which goes inside my B.O.B. water-proof bag) I keep my sleeping pad, my sleeping bag, my sleeping bag liner, my tent, my tent stakes, my clothes, my computer, and a small bag full of electronics.

      Outside my Voyegeur (yet still inside the B.O.B. trailer bag) I store my cook gear, bike tools, water bottles, extra shoes, and a tupperware with food & spices. Since these are things I use throughout the day they’re outside the main Voyegeur backpack for easy access.

      During a ten-day hiking trip in the Chilean National Park Torres del Paine my tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, clothes, water bottles, water purifier, food, cooking gear, and camera all fit inside the Voyegeur. An extra sleeping bag WOULD NOT have fit. To make extra space you could strap the sleeping pad to the pack’s outside, depending on its style.

      Hope I answered your questions. Write anytime if I can clarify.


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