Posted by: standing_baba | July 28, 2011

VIDEO: Mobile Music Studio in South America: Camping Bus Records!

Listen to Camping Bus Radio here.
Bob, Surly, and I are listening now.



  1. hey trevor!
    soy cynthia de campingbusrecords!!
    te deseamos mucha suerte en tu viaje, y un abrazo!
    lastima que ya no estamos en argentina, que disfrutes mucho y todo vaya bien.
    Cinti Mati y Andi

    • Gracias por responder! Con mucho gusto estoy hablando de ustedes con los musicos y amigos que conozco en el camino. Tambien les deseo todo lo mejor. Un abrazo!

      • Hey trevor,

        I think we dont really know each other, but i know you know our proyect campingbusrecords, and we get a lot of visitors through your side. I just wanted to thank you, and if you are still interested, we uploaded a lot of videos and stuff on our page

        Where ever you are, i hope you are still travelling and enjoying live to its limits!

        Greetings from barcelona, spain. Mati

        i wrote this as an email, but it seems your contact-email doesnt work anymore?

        • Hey Mati, love the new site. I’m listening to a few groups now. And yes, I’m still traveling, still enjoying life. Here’s what I’m up to now:

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