Posted by: standing_baba | July 12, 2011

Germans Igel & Paola Tricycle Across Asia

Left to right: Paola & Rambo (super dog), Igel & Caramba (super dog in training)

My German friends Igel and Paola—owners of the Casa de Ciclista in Colombia—recently embarked on yet another epic bike adventure. After pedaling 30 European and American countries—many with their super mutt Rambo—they’ll now explore Eastern Europe and Asia, this time with go-kart-looking trikes and Rambo’s energetic daughter, Caramba.

Click photo for more trike photos

Unfortunately for MB&S’s English-reading audience, Igel and Paola’s bike blog is German-language only (add Googletranslator to your browser here). If you’re planning a Eastern European or Asian bike tour it’s worth sifting through the awkward machine translation for golden tips within—or simply contact them in English, Spanish, or German. Igel and Paola are true travelers, cycle enthusiasts wise from the road, and they’ll be happy to hear from you.

Check out their blog here.


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