Posted by: standing_baba | June 20, 2011

TIME SENSITIVE POST: Learn Any Language & Declutter Your Life

Yeah, me on a Pringles can.

When it comes to learning languages, my dad thinks I’m talented.
When it comes to achieving my goals, an ex-girlfriend says I’m lucky.
When it comes to traveling the world, many claim I’m blessed.

The truth is: I’m none of the above.

My perspective is just different.

Here’s the short of it:

1) Languages are not undecipherable codes

Languages are a human form of communication that children around the world learn with a 100% success rate. Think about that. Anybody can learn any language. The Australian author of my favorite book Shantaram didn’t use grammar books or take intensive courses to learn the “difficult” Indian Marathi dialect; instead, he used his passionate interest in Marathi speakers and their culture to interact with them in their language. It wasn’t always easy, but hey, he now speaks Marathi. Similarly, I’ve focused my interest in Latin America to gain fluency in both Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, the latter being learned in a matter of months.

2) A goal is just a passion defined

If you’re passionate about something, you go for it. And you get it. There is vast difference between feeling you should do something and genuinely wanting to do it. For example, I should learn Mandarin to make myself more marketable in our ever-changing economy. Do I genuinely want to learn Mandarin, is there a passionate driving force that consumes me with that goal? Not really. Unless the passion for learning Mandarin arises, all efforts to achieve that goal will end in failure. It’s better to chase your passions than to circle around empty goals. This bike tour was a passionate albeit crazy goal that I never doubted for a second. Two years later, I have zero regrets and countless memories thanks to that initial, small, passionate decision to just do it.

3) Travel is just a decision away

Here’s a little secret: travel is not difficult. First, you decide to travel. Second, you rearrange your life in order to free up time and money. Third, you go. Everything else will fall into place. What is the solution to the time/money problem? Simplify. By simplifying all aspects of your life the travel question answers itself. I saved money for this bike tour by prioritizing my resources, not buying useless things, then selling the few items I owned before departure. At the moment my worldly possessions fit inside a backpack, and I’ve never felt more free.

Ok, language, goals, and travel. So what?

If you read this blog, you’re probably interested in these “unconventional” things.
If you’re not, I’m surprised you’ve read this far.

My language and travel knowledge is the result of hard-earned personal experience, which is not the most efficient way to learn. A better learning method is to study those who know what you want to know or live the way you want to live.

That’s why I’m writing today.

A few bloggers I respect have put together a three-day sale with 22 ebooks from 25 authors. (Note: ebook meaning electronic books, audio interviews, how-to videos, photos, planners, etc). Last October I purchased a similar package from this sale’s organizers and learned an incredible amount of real, practical information that I’ve applied in my daily life ever since. In fact, I learned so much that I’m stamping this current sale with the MB&S official seal of approval.

All the ebooks relate in one way or another to language learning, travel, and achieving goals. Of the 22 books there are 3 which alone would justify this purchase:

1) “The Language Hacking Guide” by Benny Lewis (retail US$67)

2) “Sell Your Crap” by Adam Baker (retail US$47)

3) “Focus” by Leo Babauta (retail US$35) – A practical guide to simplifying your life with 3 audio interviews and 5 videos.

I won’t be purchasing the ebooks in this sale…but only because I have already learned the hard way—through years of trial and error—much of the information in their chapters. I wish I would have learned sooner the language and travel hacks that now seem second nature.

I believe MB&S readers will benefit from this sale’s fast-track knowledge, especially those wanting to learn a language or kick start a project—any project.

Bought separately these books would cost US$1,087. Is this is an inflated price? Probably. Is the US$97 sale price too expensive for information that, if put into practice, will postively change your life in unimaginable ways? I don’t think so.

This ebook sale will take place for the NEXT THREE DAYS ONLY. If interested, click the icon below for more information. You can also purchase these downloadable books using the same icon. (It is secure—I’ve purchased with them before).

Click here for more information



  1. As unbelievable as it sounds, a woman my age is, since about a month ago, continuously learning from the amazing and wise young fellow you are. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, thank you for your dedication to help other people, thank for your creativity, thank you for being. I’ve passed on your blog address to my 18 year-old grandson, who is presently rather confused in regard to his future and studies, I’m sure it will be of great help to him. Thank you Trevor Wright, love from this “Abuela” you have gained in Montevideo and, take care! Martha Romero

    • Martha, please tell your grandson I’d be happy to communicate with him via e-mail, in English or Spanish. If I could do my university studies over again there are many things I’d do differently. As always, I appreciate your comment and kind words. Take care.

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