Posted by: standing_baba | April 29, 2011

Video: The Bicycle City

Scene from the documentary, The Bicycle City

“If you had to walk everywhere you’d go in your life, of course you’d be poor. The problem in much of the developing world is a lack of personal mobility. Our belief has always been that if you put enough people on a bicycle, they would go out and help themselves.”

– David Schweidenback, president of Pedals for Progress

The idea behind The Bicycle City documentary is so simple that it works: mobility equals freedom, and the more freedom you have, the more opportunities you can pursue. In the featured small Nicaraguan town (that I’ve visited and can confirm has a growing bike culture), the residents are pedaling away from a war-torn past into a future where the bicycle represents more than just transportation and sport, it represents hope.

Though I have yet to see this documentary, the Latin American-, bicycle-, hope-themed trailer seemed a good fit for this blog—besides the fact that it made me want to coast downhill during a tropical noon with my arms spread wide like wings.

Check out The Bicycle City official site here.


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