Posted by: standing_baba | April 22, 2011

Photos: A Few From the Feria

Foreword: For the past week I’ve been meeting people and travel planning over espressos in Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo. This city with an old world feel has many hidden charms, including the tree-shaded Tristan Narvaja street market. These photos are of the friendly people and the treasures (junk?) they sell every Sunday morning.



  1. As Uruguayan I have traveled with you on this great story. Feria Tristán Narvaja still intact as 40 years ago. Uruguay is an unique country. Far from the EE.UU., I think that’s its the secret to keep in sanity.
    And its Feria is a must to visit, besides many more small places, corners and bares make Montevideo a favulous place to live.

    • Thanks for the comment, Roberto. The Narvaja market is definitely a must-visit in Montevideo. I agree too that Uruguay is a beautiful, still largely undiscovered destination, with some of the most sincere, friendly, and all around nice people I’ve ever met, traveling or otherwise. Un abrazo!

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