Posted by: standing_baba | March 23, 2011

Video: Downhill Descent (Bonus: Bob Pees his Pants)

Riddle Bob this:

What does 3-hours of 15-degree mountain inclines at an average climbing speed of 8 kmph divided by a 70-degree heat (Farenheit) multiplied by a stress factor five for zero-shoulders and a broken ball bearing equal?

A 10 minute 54 second epilepsy-inducing YouTube video, of course.

NOTE: The turns were improperly hugged (or “the curves were improperly kissed” as dirty Surly likes to say) because my cornering hand was used to keep the camera pointed straight ahead—most of the time. Without pedaling the average speed during this video was 35 mph (55 kmph).



  1. Great video Trevor. It is so great to be on board one of your rides.
    Keep the videos coming. I’d like to see more. Thanks for posting this video.

    • If my camera hadn’t been stolen in the Amazon I’d have uploaded more like this. But no point in looking backward. Onward, without regrets! Keep an eye on my YouTube account for videos that don’t get highlighted on the blog.

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