Posted by: standing_baba | March 9, 2011

Video: Carnival Craziness (Surprise Inside: Faith in Humanity!)

Carnival: not just for drunks and drag queens

(Florianopolis, Brazil) Carnival has come and gone, and like all good things gone it went too fast. After several months traveling northern Brazil with friends and family, I returned to my adopted city Floripa (where I had lived for four months) to happy samba hymns, thousand-strong street parades, all-night block parties, and all the craziness that accompanies this unique nation-wide festival. See videos below and photos here.

The couple that found and returned my camera

During my first afternoon at my first Carnival in Brazil I was half-dancing, half-bouncing through the crowd when I realized my camera had disappeared from my pant pocket. Sprinting back to where it may have fallen only to find empty beer cans and asphalt, I assumed I had been pickpocketed, then walked instead of bounced back to where friends waited in confusion.

Me: “My camera is gone.”

They: (Wordless sadness forced through their happy Carnival glow).

Me: (Focused crowd scanning wanting to unleash violence on punk who lifted camera).

Friend, smiling: “It’s Carnival.”

Me: “Yeah.” Then the dancing continued.

Perhaps thirty minutes, perhaps an hour later (it really didn’t and continues not to matter) a woman from the thick river of people approached me as if stumbling across an old friend, then asked in a thick British accent, “Excuse me, did you lose a camera?” As it turns out, I was not robbed, I was stupid, and bounced just a little too high, danced just a little too happily until my camera fell conveniently at her feet. Just as soon as it happened, I was gone. The woman eventually recognized me as the camera owner by my egomaniacal solo self-portraits, arm stretched out before my big posing head.

The above photo is the Brazilian woman who lived in England for eight years and her British boyfriend who returned my camera. It’s yet another MB&S homage to the better side of humanity.

And now, videos!

Interesting fact: did you know MB&S are only two countries from their final destination?

Sidenote: Bob & Surly leave their rusty, and probably moldy purgatory today after two long months thinking about their sins….

P.S. – Only one week until MB&S hit the road…by bike…pedaling….

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