Posted by: standing_baba | November 28, 2010


The magazine cover

Months back I was interviewed (well, asked questions via e-mail) about my bike tour by a Brazilian fashion magazine called Mural. Finally this week, after the tees were crossed and blemishes Photoshop’d, over 10,000 editions were plopped down on indie counter tops, gyms, and shopping malls across the great southern state of Santa Catarina.

My face & my face in a magazine

The entire article can be read in Portuguese—or Google translated—in my earlier you-heard-it-first-on-MB&S post. Or check out the print copy that circulates with twenty (!) shiny gloss photos that blend light and geometry so professionally that I wondered whether it was I who actually took them. The article and photos begin on the online magazine’s page 40.

My big hair is too fashion for flash

On December 11th all this culminates with a chic post-publication party (there has got to be a journalistic term for that!?) in which models celebrate their beauty and everyone else tries to sleep with them. The powers that be say I can invite 13 friends and one V.I.P. partner in crime who will join me in some elevated velvet booth where, I imagine, champagne will sit iced in a bucket. Champagne and models in a hot tub, like Biggie Smalls’ Big Poppa video? If so, expect a video post on December 12th.

Of course, my housemates claimed their four tickets (9 left if you’re in Floripa!) and are already scheming ways to sneak free drinks from the V.I.P. section (e.g. riding Bob & Surly to the bar with a blond wig). Instead of discouraging such behavior, I’ve been passing schematics, teaching secret handshakes, preparing escape routes. It feels good to be the man in the know.

The Blue Steel refuses an appearance

It’s ironic that this bike tour began as a disconnect from exactly the type of self-conscious fashion hodge-podge I’m bound to get drunk at. I’m not overtly against the fashion this magazine promotes—I appreciate good looking people who have personal style—but I don’t agree with it glamorizing the mob mentality that fools people into believing outward appearance is the end-all, that consuming and conforming is the answer to more meaningful needs….

Ah, but I’m just Page 40-45. I’ll let it be for now. The party is not the right pulpit. And I do appreciate the press and generous guest list. Expect party photos later.


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