Posted by: standing_baba | November 26, 2010

Photos: Fun with Roommates

This is our home; top right with hammock is my room.

I come crawling back. Forgive me, I haven’t posted in awhile. Busy I’ve been, yes. Distracted by forty-two beautiful beaches and a constant stream of new people and ideas, yes. But that’s no excuse.

Gonzalo, Gabi, and I in Lagoa da Conceição

Here’s the real reason: I’ve fallen into thinking that my life is somehow normal since I’m off the bike, that renting a home and working set hours is not blog worthy, as if everyone ups and leaves to bask on sunny Brazilian beaches for months at a time.

Me, Alberte, and Gonzalo in car.

The truth is I’m extremely happy with my decision to make the small town of Lagoa da Conceição my temporary home. It’s like no place I’ve known, despite having known a few. To be even more honest, it’d be difficult to describe all I’ve done in my two months as a homebody. I won’t even attempt to play catch-up in writing—there are too many unexplored trails and too much living to be done instead.

Gonzalo, Alberte, Ana, me, and Gabi at lookout point.

That’s why today I post photos. Short-cuts. Each a thousand words, you know. The people pictured have become family: Gonzalo, an Argentine exchange student who constantly builds things out of bamboo (most recently a bed that looks like a primitive boat); Alberte, a Spaniard also on exchange who surfs more than studies; Gabi, a Brazilian nutritionist who loves the program F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (what does that stand for?); and Ana, the most recent addition, a hippie Brazilian girl I’ve never seen frown.

Gabi in downtown market; the house splits all food expenses.

Tomorrow we’re going on an overnight island bike tour where we’ll camp on the beach and visit friends’ BBQs along the way. Expect more photos soon. Also, you can check out beautiful Floripa in my Flickr account on the sidebar.


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