Posted by: standing_baba | October 16, 2010

Excessive Drinking and HTML—or How Team MB&S Deals with Change

Miguel, an Argentine disguised as a German Brazilian

Change is in the wind. A drastic, it-feels-like-time-is-running-out kind of change.

In a way, Team MB&S’s time is running out. Though we’ve purposefully made a home in Brazil long enough to make friends and become fluent in Portuguese, our final destination—Buenos Aires, Argentina—is only a two-week pedal away.

That’s close after nearly crossing a continent.

Each of us is coping with the fact that our journey—all journeys—will come to an end in a different way. We all want to be better place physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially when this is all done. And we’re not afraid of the hard work needed to accomplish this goal.

Pictured lower righthand corner: Bob, before he became a 'hacker'

Bob discovered web design and frustratingly shuffles code around the screen for hours at a time. When we ask when the new MB&S site will be finished he murmurs “Soon” with bloodshot eyes. Apparently, HTML is not as easy as muling a heavy pack in the sun all day.

Surly wishes he would have patented Oktoberfest

Surly’s new passion is entrepreneurism. He’s come across individuals who use the internet to lead unconventional lives. Just knowing it’s possible to run a consulting business from Thailand or earn money self-publishing books has inspired him to think even further outside the box. Surly will introduce some of these entrepreneurs in future posts.

Trevor & random guy at Oktoberfest, Blumenau

Me? Thanks for asking. A few days ago I returned from Oktoberfest in the nearby German enclave of Blumenau. Fun, beer, and silly hats for five days. Despite the drunken haze I managed to salvage a valuable life lesson which I’ll share with you in an upcoming post. Walking down the street I randomly bumped into an ex-girlfriend I dated in the United States. I passed a Portuguese translation test and now do contract work for two Brazilian agencies. An Australian Couchsurfer surfed my couch. This past weekend I learned Forró dance skills with an attractive group of Cariocas. Yesterday I moved into a three-story, five bedroom bungalow with two Argentines, a Spaniard, a Brazilian, and a mutt Terrier. Goodbye solitary apartment near the beach, hello jungle retreat and house parties. I’ll post photos once everyone moves in….

Lots of changes, like I said. New is good. Different is good. Change means growth. Team MB&S is getting wiser by the day.




  1. Love reading your blog! Taking me awhile to go through it. I found your blog somewhere on CS, not sure how, but the fact that people who travel for weeks/months on so little just fascinates me. I’m hoping to do the same, although this bicycling may be an option, but not sure. We’ll see come December of this year.

    • Kalani, thanks for your comment. It’s always motivating to know who is reading my blog and that I’m providing interesting content. One note on bicycling: I’ve come to love bike travel so much that the thought of jumping on a bus or staying in a hostel is no longer exciting. Traveling by bike opens you up to the world, when you can’t go faster and have no barrier between you and the elements, you and the people, something just clicks and you forget about time. It’s hard to explain—I recommend you give it a try, maybe a two-week trip to test it out. Of course, if I can offer advice, send a message my way. All the best, Trevor

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