Posted by: standing_baba | October 4, 2010

Bicycle Film Festival 10th Anniversary

The 10th Annual Bicycle Film Festival is taking place now in major metropolises around the world. Seoul, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Lisbon, Milan, and London are scheduled this week. Other cosmopolitan cities host screenings at later dates. Check the official website for showings near you.

Film festivals are my anti-bike tour, my fat candy. Sitting in a dark room watching movie after movie for days on end is not healthy, but the unique coming together of different worlds and cultures—in this case, bike cultures—into one convenient theater makes the numb butt, used sick day, and squinty emergence into daylight feel like trophies at the end of a long race.

In fact, organizing a global film fest is a lot like sitting through one start to finish. Ambitious, exhausting, with many real world obstacles distracting from the goal. Listen to founder Brendt Barbur explain how and why the film festival came to be on Spoiler Alert Radio: OPEN YOUR EARS HERE

If eye-balling is more your fancy, we’ve scraped together the best of the best trailers and slapped them here. Like the cycle world in one theater, a YouTube sandwich on one site. Team MB&S too care about convenience. Fact.

SYNOPSIS: Skateboarders bike tour New Zealand for twelve days in search of skate spots.

SYNOPSIS: The true story of the Race Across America, a 3000-mile bike race that challenges riders to pedal across the country in just ten days.


SYNOPSIS: Lucas Bunelle chase footage of messenger races and dare-devil cyclists around the world.

SYNOPSIS: BMX & stunt biker Matt Hoffman provides eye porn for adrenaline junkies in a film dedicated to his up-and-up.


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