Posted by: standing_baba | July 4, 2010

You Have Texts

My little minute eater, Ouro Preto, Brazil

FOREWORD: My Nokia cellphone is my best friend in Brazil. Thanks to it I constantly communicate via texts—calls are too expensive—and am invited out where I’m surrounded by Brazilians, Portuguese, and that social lubricant that keeps Brazil happy and dancing, alcohol. Below are some recent text “conversations” with various friends, translated into English, that outline trip details that would otherwise not have made the blog. Contact me if you’d like more information about buying or using cellphones in South America.

FRIEND (6/22/10): That’s great friend that you’re staying a few more days. There are some parties we can go to together. Tomorrow is a birthday here so we’ll drink a few. Um abraço.


FRIEND (6/24/10): Good news, I won’t be there but a friend will couch u…He doesn’t speak english but ur portuguese is good…He lives with college friends, in ouro preto…So, I’ll send u his contact! Beijo


FRIEND (6/29/10): What’s up friend? Arrived? Dance with the wolves already? Safe travels and a hug!


TREVOR (6/29/10): An interesting day: beautiful mountain scenery, good music in the iPod, a complete bike failure, an afternoon of conversation in the bike shop as my broken bearings were replaced, lunch in a taxi driver’s home, and a place to sleep in Caeté’s police station. Tomorrow I dance with the wolves in Caraça. Um abraço.


FRIEND (6/29/10): Keep sending news, I’m imagining the scenes of your adventure! Um abraço.


FRIEND (6/30/10): Dancing with the wolves? People miss you around here. Um abraço.


TREVOR (7/1/10): Last night I was so close to a wolf that I could have touched it and met a cool group of Belgian and French girls. Today more problems with the bike; I spent 190 reais (US $103) in new parts—Surly’s pimped for the mountains! Sleeping in bus station tonight, rolling up dirty-style to bar in Mariana for match tomorrow. Um abraço.


FRIEND (7/2/10 – Following Brazil’s World Cup loss to Holand): @#&*!


TREVOR (7/2/10): F.U.B.A.R.


FRIEND (7/2/10): Oi tomorrow I think I’m going to a party in Mariana and tuesday there’s one here at my home (goodbye party). You’re invited!


TREVOR (7/2/10): Oi. I’m in Mariana lamenting with fans today’s loss. In other words, drinking a lot hahaha. Tomorrow I arrive to Ouro Preto. I already have a place to crash but we should go out. I’ll send a text when I arrive, yes? Beijo.


FRIEND (7/2/10): I’m very sad for Brazil. You brought luck, it’s your fault we lost! Where are you? Is Caraça pretty? Visit the waterfalls or see a wolf? Cold? Saturday the 9th I arrive to Ouro Preto. Go with God.


TREVOR (7/2/10): In the bar during today’s game in Mariana everyone was calling me “The Dutch Guy,” that’s why Brazil lost haha. I saw the wolf, later I’ll post photos on blog. Caraça is incredible, expensive, worth a visit. Will arrive to Ouro Preto tomorrow. Would like to see you the 9th, just not sure I’ll still be there. Asi es la vida. Take care. Beijo.


FRIEND (4/7/10): Oi cara, tudo beleza? Tell me how it’s going. Where are you? I’m here in a hammock by the pool drinking a few. People are here with saudades thinking of you. Um abraço


TREVOR (4/7/10): In OP, on the balcony of the Niemeyer hotel. Swanky. Last night went out with students to the Festas Juninas. Am staying with an Argentine / Brazilian couple; their home has a view overlooking the old city. She is a composer and we’re meeting up with more musicians later. Tudo beleza, as always. A hello to every for me. Um abraço


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