Posted by: standing_baba | June 17, 2010

Belo Horizonte Videos

Law-abiding bikers forgive me. On various attempts Surly and I slid through red lights and jumped curbs in an attempt to a make a fluid tour of Belo Horizonte’s trendy Savassi neighborhood so that you get that I-am-there feeling. It’s obvious from my swerves though that I still don’t know downtown despite having spent most of the past two weeks at outdoor cafes, bookstores, and bars in the area. The above video is a shoe-in second place, a winner by default, the hurried outcome of evening’s approach, not the big fish that got away. Moments before this accident waiting to happen I had filmed what I thought was to be a continuous fifteen minute—count it on three hands, fifteen minutes!—joy ride through the city’s tree-lined avenues, white-painted crossways, and outdoor restaurants that line the curbs; a Surly’s-eye-view of the world he treads so lightly, stylishly, with a rusted-out flare that cannot be ignored nor denied. However, as with most great moments in cinematic history, there was a climatic problem (ok, just a problem). Later, when we reviewed the footage, we found my friend’s borrowed camera had fell into sleep mode on the 30th second, our masterpiece of defensive driving and smooth cornering forever a forgotten moment impossible to recreate. But please, enjoy the second-rate show.

Brazil will win the World Cup. You heard it here first, folks. We’re so confident in our adopted country’s fancy footwork that Surly and I would bet Bob’s back wheel on it. Their win was written on the stars, long before I even cared about FIFA rules, started calling soccer the more politcally-correct “world football” in English, or was nearly mobbed to death when I accidently wore North Korea’s communist red during Brazil’s debut match. To be fair to all the other teams sweating toward the prize I should explain why they and their devoted fans are fighting a lost cause. You see, Brazil’s victory comes down to basic math. The yellow and green can’t lose with such a huge population vibrating so much positive energy from every pore. Since there are said to be 1,000 pores in the length of an inch on a human body and Brazilians are an average to above average world height, it’s just a matter of multiplying skin by 193 million loyal (read: obsessed), screaming fans who every game, without exaggeration, put their lives on hold to support their team. Can you honestly name another country with as much vibrating skin? The above video shows Brazil’s first goal against North Korea.

Another sub par video of downtown Belo Horizonte that wishes it was fifteen minutes of smooth riding.



  1. Mil en desacuerdo con tu comentario! Viva CHILE (L) Vamos que este mundial si que lo ganamos!!! (Traidor!) jeje

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