Posted by: standing_baba | June 16, 2010

The 100 Most Celebrated Travel Books of All Time

Travel zine World Hum recently compiled a list of the most celebrated travel books:

We scoured the web and dug up every “best travel books” list we could find, from writers, bloggers and publications like Salon, Conde Nast Traveler, National Geographic Traveler and Transitions Abroad. (Naturally, we consulted our own top 30 list, too). Then we pulled out the books that were cited most often and added a few bestsellers.

Fair enough. I applaud their thoroughness and impressive graphics.

But this is not representative of the best travel literature of all time. Why? English-language authors dominate the ballot, the same ones who dominate the English-language sources used to compile it, despite the random translated book thrown in for a pomp of impartiality.

More importantly though, it’s not a faultless list because Team MB&S’s two favorite travel books are missing from the roster. Big mistake, World Hum. Though not All Powerful in the greater internet galaxy, I am God in this blogosphere—Bob & Surly rascally demigods—and furious we are at these mortals’ half-knowledge, at their defiance in creating a most excellent and inspirational Yellow Pages of travel literature without consulting us.

This post is revenge against World Hum, a forty day flood of re-directed blog traffic to mock their mistake, a plague upon the collective keyboards of their blasphemous writers, and a slew of non-Christian, computer programming references hushed below our breathe that will cause immense stress to crash down upon their cubicles, Vishnus and Poseidons and Quetzalcoatls hacking their mainframes for all eternity.

Pain, pain, pain, and some love too….

On a less lightning-strike-to-the-temple note, this post is also an adoration of the forgotten who should be properly and alphabetically memorialized in this almanac of travel authors. With utmost respect, the holy trinity of MB&S completes the list by hyperlinking to you….

Papillon by Henri Charrière

Flash by Charles Duchaussois (available in French, Spanish, and Italian)

Please feel free to add your favorite travel books below in the comment section.


  1. Delaying the Real World

    The Beach

    Eat, Pray, Love

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