Posted by: standing_baba | June 3, 2010

If You Want Cycle Transport, Make Cycle Transport Sexy

Here is an interesting article about how to create efficient and practical bike communities in the United States by tying “cycling to high-status lifestyles in specific local cultures.” Architects, engineers, city planners, and urban developers are not the only ones who can unclog congested American streets. Advertising agencies this is an opportunity, please pay attention.

…I can see possibilities [in the U.S. South]. For instance, I think a “Charleston Approach” would appeal to quite a lot of people — blonde sorority girls on updated beach cruisers, tailgate parties with kegs and dogs (arriving by bike trailer), couples who look like George W. and Laura Bush (or even better, Cindy McCain) pulling up on expensive city bikes to big ol’ Victorian houses in dense, Spanish-moss-draped neighborhoods right out of Southern Living. Ladies who lunch, pedaling stylishly in pastels to an azalea-shrouded church that isn’t an exurban megacomplex.


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