Posted by: standing_baba | May 15, 2010

42 Books about Bicycle Touring

There is something about quitting your job (or in David Byrne’s case, his epic band) to pedal into the sunset that makes you think you should dedicate a book to every introspection, panoramic view, bowel movement, and encounter with mere bipeds. No doubt, bike tourists can be a self-righteous lot—I mean, have you read my wanna-be book blog? But the truth of the truth is, my walking friend, that cycling brings into light the light of righteousness. Don’t hate the pedalers, hate the game—we’re just messengers. As any good disciple of holy virtue would do, many books—biker bibles, if you will—have been written to convert the un-pedaling, to spread the Word of Bike to the heathen shoulder-less highways of the world.’s Daren Alff complied a comprehensive list of such reading material that amuses, amazes, inspires, then slowly sobers toward an unsettling daze, forcing oneself to ask: is there anything long-distance cyclists won’t write about? Team MB&S has already answered that rhetorical question with an enthusiastic, sometimes pathetic no. And there’s more to come, believe you me. Enjoy the 42 flavors of bike by clicking the logo below.

42 Books about Bicycle Touring

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