Posted by: standing_baba | May 3, 2010

Middle of Nowhere

Road near Jutalla, Bolivia

An-to-the-drew says:

ouch. this looks painful.

mebobandsurly says:

It was just as painful as it looks. I coasted the Death Road fully-loaded then spent nine days “biking” from Coroico to Cochabamba—by far the most difficult and remote stretch I had seen in all of South America, with an average of 2.5 hours of off-the-bike pushing per day. This photo was taken after crossing a river with water up to my chest. I had to make four trips, on the first I was nearly swept downriver with Surly, on the fourth my Bob trailer was balanced atop my head. Actually, I think a man played a practical joke on me. When asking directions about which route was best he said, “There’s a bridge there. I’m going to cross there tomorrow.” There was no bridge, just four concrete pillars that looked like no amount of Bolivian bureaucracy could turn them into a usable crossing, not in this lifetime at least.

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