Posted by: standing_baba | April 30, 2010

Rambo for President

I had the pleasure of meeting Rambo (and his parents Igel & Paola) during my stay at the Casa de Ciclista Finca Campesina in southern Colombia. What can I say that will do justice to this creature that made me feel like a better person just for being in his presence? One blog post is not enough. He is international yet humble, and will never make you feel inferior despite the way his worldly experience looms over anything you could hope to accumulate in this lifetime; he speaks in soft yet direct waves of wisdom that leave no doubt that something great lurks in the sea behind his black patched eye. He doesn’t walk, he doesn’t run, he playfully interacts with the molecules that come in contact with his fur in such a way that it’s entirely possible that the San Agustin area (where he doesn’t reside but instead emits glory to the darker regions of the Earth) is radioactive with undiscovered elements that will, once categorized and named in his honor, off-balance the periodic table in favor of dog. We can only hope such a day will come soon.

And he’s so, he’s so, he’s so…cute…(cough) in a manly kind of way. Just watch this video; I dare you not to want a Rambo too.



  1. Hola Trevor, me gustooooooooo…

    slap slap

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