Posted by: standing_baba | April 20, 2010

We Move It, Move It

British biker Nick (middle)

In Cochabamba I ran into yet another long-distance cyclist, a Brit named Nick. We met randomly over drinks in a volunteer house (the same that is allowing me to camp in their garden during the PWCCC conference) where young people from all over the world live while working for various non-profits and social organizations that make Bolivia a better place.

Sometime during this week’s many conference activities I hope to meet up with Nick to hear stories of southern South America. I’ll dedicate a short post to this lone northbound biker once I learn more about his background.

Brit Nick with friends

For now though, I wanted to share with you the above photo. It made me realize I’ve only shown you fragments of my on-the-road life, just tiny snapshots of what I do with my time. I’ve showed you Bob and Surly frozen in practiced poses, their smiles twisted by the mono-syllable of ‘cheese.’ Viewing my photos you may conclude we don’t actually ride but just lean against rocks and photograph ourselves, or stand squinting while some stranger frames us all wrong, missing half the beautiful scenery that made us dismount in the first place.

You’ve been mislead. We are dynamic, not static.

This site sadly lacks images in movement. When my video camera was stolen in Ecuador I lost my ability to show you just how incredible movement can be. Surly, like a bucking Stallion, is at his best with wind in his hair. Bob…well, Bob’s tire spins when he moves, and that’s pretty too. And I’m constantly in motion, constantly coasting, pedaling, dodging cars, switching lanes, downshifting, leaning into curves, which is kind of sexy if you don’t mind me saying.

This image perfectly shows the freedom one feels when mystery and motion move together, when complete self-sustainability is realized, and the unknown around the bend stops being scary and opens its doors of possibility to let you coast right in.



  1. Nick went back to La Paz before I could meet up with him during the conference. Apparently, the city was so full up that he couldn’t find a place to stay.

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