Posted by: standing_baba | April 10, 2010

Patience Please

My friend Javier

So it has been awhile. For more than a week I’ll been biking the most remote, isolated, and steep roads since I began this South American bike tour. I passed through over 20 villages that were not even mentioned on my 1:250,000 scale map. If I hadn’t seen this region for myself I never would have thought mountain ridges could be packed so tightly or the definition of road so loosely interpreted. And as you can imagine, there was no internet. Most nights there was no electricity, no plumbing, no noise besides donkey calls in the distance, and very few signs of the modern world in even the largest small towns I visited. The stars had never shined so brightly.

Now I’m in Cochabamba—one of Bolivia’s three largest cities—, just a week’s pedal from the train that will carry me through the dense jungle to the Brazilian border. Soon I’ll post a few stories about my recent travels. For the time being, feel free to check out my Flickr photos. I plan to add captions too in the upcoming days.


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