Posted by: standing_baba | March 26, 2010

Depth Perception

Breakfast with the group

FOREWORD: These photos where taken in the world’s largest salt flat outside of Uyuni, Bolivia. I had illegally camped in the middle of the flat on an island called Incahausi the previous night. The next morning I asked various jeep tour groups that had arrived for breakfast for a ride back to town. Most drivers were reluctant to take on some drifter who mysteriously arrived to island. Eventually, I met driver William who said if it was alright with his paying guests, it was alright with him. French couple Elise and Alex and American friends Rain and Lisa agreed to let me play with them for the day.




  1. The salt flat photos are amazing and musthave been such fun to make! I have thoroughly enjoyed all your writing on Bolivia. Your writing is so colorful; just amazing!!! OK, am I am your mother but you make me so proud of your blog. When possible, please back up your pictures on CDs and mail them to us. I would hate for you to lose all your marvelous pictures.

    Love, MOM

  2. This is so cool. How did you do it? positioning?

    • These pictures are fun to take. You could spend all day thinking of new angles, props, games, etc. The salt flat’s horizon seems endless. Since there is nothing in the background that hints at depth perception you can position the camera close to an object then make the background person as small as you want. You feel like a director with the little-to-the-lefts, lift-your-arm-ups, now-growl!

      Here are some behind the scenes photos:


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