Posted by: standing_baba | March 18, 2010

Thank You for the Fuel

FOREWORD: I’ve received several donations since beginning this bike tour, all of which have helped both morally and of course financially as I approach my final destination of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m appreciative and humbled every time I see a Paypal alert in my inbox. I’ve replied to each donor individually and sincerely to thank them for viewing my trip as a worthwhile way to spend their money. Below is a response to my most recent donor. I’m posting this particular reply because upon re-reading the message I realized that I truly believe what I wrote about the bike being much more than transportation—it’s a way to live more child-like and in touch with the world around us.

…This trip never was meant to be all about biking exactly. The bike was simply a more interesting way to get from place to place. Now I realize with each passing day that this trip had to happen for me to truly realize the bike’s potential. I’m this close to pulling out a preacher pulpit to expound on the bike’s many miraculous wonders, but I won’t because it seems like you’re well aware of them already. Thank you for the donation. This trip has been many emotional ups and downs, flat roads and towering mountain climbs, and incredible people along the way who are trying to lead more healthy, wide-eyed, child-like lives. The fact that you’re biking—and that perhaps my site has even the tiniest fraction to do with your renewed interest in city pedaling—instead of buying gas cards makes me incredibly happy. Really. The world is f@$#ed, that much I know, but there is hope when people slow down, take in the miracle of existence that is all around them, are more conscience about their impact on others and the environment, and meditate a bit while getting some exercise. I probably regurgitated most of the above from a H.G. Wells bike quote that I read a few months back that goes something like: “When I see an adult on a bicycle I no longer despair for the future of the human race.” I despair less and less. Thank you for fueling this tank….


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