Posted by: standing_baba | January 25, 2010

Video: Cameron TV

FOREWORD: As I mentioned in the past, my point-and-click camera with video capability is no longer with me. Luckily, for the past two weeks my travel partner and friend Cameron Maclean took full advantage of his own pocket video recorder. Below I share with you his masterful cinematographic stylings, where he bends light to portray emotion and defies death for creative angles, at the beach, in the middle of nowhere, at a clandestine party, and blindly bowling through the desert at night with a tricked-out Land Rover.

At Pan de Azucar National Park Cameron and Gabriela Deichler Guerrero, a Chilean student on vacation, save a bird from jumping into our bonfire. It walked directly toward us determined to end its life, but pecked Cameron’s leg as a last second plea for help. Cameron and Gabi walked the bird down the beach, away from the rowdy fires and glowing cigarettes. These birds, somehow, confuse any kind of light with the moon. No one I talked to seemed to know why. Unfortunately, I could not find the name of this cute little penguin-duck.

Cameron gives a brief tour with insightful commentary while exploring the salt flat outside of the desert town of San Pedro de Atacama, Chile.

Cameron masterfully depicts San Pedro de Atacama’s underground party scene with his unique, choppy film style. Most every night in this small desert town a battle takes place between good and evil forces: the party organizers & the local police. Though desert parties are illegal, good prevails using a combination of decoy mini-vans and last minute location changes to keep the music bumping. Mondays you can sing around a bonfire as a laser light show scribbles the crowd, Tuesdays you can rave near the salt flats, Wednesdays are 2×1 Piscos in some hidden cave on the outskirts of town. The weekends are DJ sets til sun-up with hundreds of your fellow travelers and locals dancing under the stars.

Cameron really outdid himself with his creative genius on this take. He decided to record, in low-light, our jeeps bullet trajectory through the desert, directly over low-lying brush and without thought to where the actual road may be. The idea to film vertically out the window could only occur to a prodigy. The result: brilliance unmatched.


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