Posted by: standing_baba | August 30, 2009

Canadian-Dutch-American Bike Summit

NEWSFLASH: Today just kilometers south of the Ecuador-Colombian border cyclists from several nations met to formally discuss road conditions and dog bashing weapons, which all agreed were to be used only as a last resort when the fury beasts declare chase.

Canadians Tom Furst & Sarah Lusina -

Canadians Tom Furst & Sarah Lusina -

This summit was part of a cycle campaign across the South American continent—each participant with their own agenda—that culminated in a formal map swapping ceremony. The Canadians ceded their Ecuador map to the lone Gringo, who embarrassingly was the only official present without a significant other, while the Gringo gifted his Colombian map to his northerly neighbors who plan to soon enter his favorite country, Colombia.

Dutch Frank & Marianne -

Dutch Frank & Marianne -

The Dutch riders appeared content without a corresponding map ceremony, as the Gringo diplomatically bestowed chocolate bars as a gesture of goodwill.

“All in all, the summit was a success,” commented the Gringo while strangely begging his bicycle to allow him to interview in peace. “We achieved unity and purpose during our 30 roadside minutes together. Perhaps most importantly, we confirmed that someone put this magnificent continent here for a reason, that reason being to cycle it with big heavy bikes.”


  1. Hi Trevor,
    I had a look at your website. nice reading. Thought to let you know you made a small error in our website address (should be a – instead of a .)
    Happy vacation in Ecuador.
    Marianne (Popayan)

    • Marianne, I’ve updated your blog address. And I’m glad to hear all is well in Colombia. Enjoy all that hospitality and take care.

  2. hi from grandpa on labor day how about that?

    I’m teaching grandpa how to see what you’re doing. Dad

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