Posted by: standing_baba | August 14, 2009

You Know Who You Are….

If this video hits home (or makes you laugh out loud in an internet cafe in Colombia), you’re a biker. If not, just enjoy the dope beats.



  1. Mom and Dad came to visit me in Denver this weekend. We had a great visit. Mom, Dad, Laura and I loaded up on bicycles Sunday and did a photo scavenger hunt of the many sites and more famous locations of “The Mile High City” for 5 hours.

    You should have seen dad on my old blue cruiser. Mom dressed in a pink shirt, rocking the pink visor while riding Laura’s pink cruiser. It was a little homage to you and your raod warriors Bob and Surly. I felt like we were all riding around on bicycles together on different adventures together while connected through our peddles. I will have to send you our adventure through photos.

    Always thinking about you.

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