Posted by: standing_baba | July 17, 2009

Chicamocha Valley Video

What goes up, must come down. For hours I kept reminding myself mountains do not go on forever as I climbed the Chicamocha switchbacks at a torturous 4.35 mph (7 kmph). Luckily, semi-trucks, or tractomulas as they’re called in Colombia, gear uphill just as slow, allowing me to hitch rides on their bumpers. At one point a driver coasting downhill in the opposite direction pulled over to proudly show me his truck’s American flag. Noting my exhaustion, he flagged down a truck on an uphill crawl, whose driver in turn insisted I use his bumper to reach the peak. Of the six different trucks I latched onto like a parasite, all were pure smiles, waves, and admiration through the side mirror. Or perhaps they just felt sorry for me. In the above video I reached a maximum speed of 43.5 mph (70 kmph). The summit view was spectacular:

Doing my best with the self-timed shot

Doing my best with the self-timed shot

Views are more beautiful when you have to earn them

Views are more beautiful when you have to earn them


  1. AWESOME VID. Can your bike-camera accept a UV lens cover to screw on? Would make your vids awesome-er. If you do let me know the camera, I’ll buy one and mail it to you. Love the blog, and my mom commented saying everyone in Wayne is loving the Herald posts. Especially….Mr. Speaker.

    • The Chicamocha video was my first attempt at capturing my downhills. Believe it or not, I’ve had much more interesting downhills, with fewer trucks and wide curves that go through canyon walls and make brakes unnecessary. In the future—flying down the Andes into Argentina for example—I’m going to keep track of how many consecutive miles I travel without pedaling, just out of curiosity. I appreciate to offer to send a UV lens, but there are several Panasonic stores here. I’ll see if they offer such a lens. Like you say, I think it make the video quality much better.

  2. Wow! I seriously had an adrenaline rush. And the sound of what seemed like rocks crumbling combined with a crazy flyby tree perspective made me feel like a was gonna wipe out. Haha! My headphones are freakin’ great.

    I might have to give IMax a call bud.

  3. Wow!!! that looks like fun!, now I wonder how you deal with the curves attached to Bob at the same time… Los paisajes! pues espectaculares y las hormigas se ven jugosas! YUK!
    Anyway seems like your having a great time in Colombia, keep it up!
    Disfruta un monton!!!


  4. WoW! Trevor, what a wild trip. Maybe you should sing something going down while filming. : ) I got a little dizzy watching. Ha! Been checking the Blog. to see where you are. Your writing is great. Keep up the good work; shoot for the Gold; and be Safe. connie e.

    I felt the wind blowing through my hair with ya!

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