Posted by: standing_baba | July 6, 2009

Out to Paradise, Please Leave a Message

For the next three days I’ll be without internet access while visiting Tyrona National Park. After I gift my finished books to fellow travelers and aloe vera my sunburn, I’ll visit the Ciudad Perdida (Lost City) for approximately six more days. Disconnected for nine days total. I’ll write while away—more posts when I return.


  1. Really nice to meet you the other night in Tayrona… now that I’m back home in NY, that seems like a lifetime ago!

    Have a blast — I’ll be living vicariously through your blog.


  2. Trevor,

    Check out “Los Viajes del Viento” on your next rest day. I didnt’ get a chance to see it before leaving but I’d love a synopsis of it. I heard the cinematography is amazing and Colombians are raving about it (its the first Colombian move NOT about drugs and guns!)

    Enjoy the park. Don’t kiss the dart frogs!

    • I’ll check out Los Viajes del Viento in Bogota, or maybe in Bucaramanga as I’ll need some rest after the uphill climbs. Parque Tayrona was well worth the visit (I’m uploading photos as I write). Hiking out through the once thriving indigineous community of Pueblito I was startled by one large animal—probably a warthog—,several flying beetles the size of my hand, numerous birds, and TWO poison dart frogs resting on boulders in slow-moving creeks. Beautiful.

  3. Trevor,
    Hope that your travels are grand. I was thinking about your adventure the other day when one of my wifes friend crashed with us as she was riding across the US west to east. Liked the surly’s new paint job! Stay safe and best wishes

  4. SA by bike. Why didn`t I do it that way!? This is awesome, man. Your friend Andrew Wright left a comment on my blog about your trip. I`m in Medellin right now, heading to Bogotà tonight. I think I`ll most likely be travelling too fast for you to catch up to me (I`m travelling by bus) but if you do, please drop me a line. I`m considering doing a big bike trip in North America next year. I`d like to see your rig. Either way, I`m certain you`ll see more than I will and spend way less. Check out my blog if you get a chance. That mud volcano is wicked, right? Have fun in Parque Tayrona. Later.

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